Recent Posts…

OPINION: Essen 2018 Preview — My personal picks…

Some pre-Essen ’18 picks from me, this time from an even shorter list than last year…

This is another test…

Just trying to post directly to the Diary section…

PERSONAL DIARY/UPDATE: More ‘August’ Gaming… see what I did there?

Another little snippet of life without any such thing as a fast lane… lol

REVIEW: Century: Eastern Wonders

Does this follow-up to Century: Spice Road hit all the right buttons, or sink under the weight of all that spice…?

PERSONAL DIARY/UPDATE: And July disappeared damn fast, too!

Another month goes whizzing by… Christmas will be here so soon at this rate!

PERSONAL DIARY/UPDATE: Where did June, go?

Oh yes, disaster can indeed strike from anywhere, and seemingly out of nowhere, too… Oh dear!

CONVENTION DIARY: UKGE 2018, Birmingham, UK: 1st-3rd June 2018

UKGE has been and gone for another year, and as it gets bigger and bigger, is that necessarily better?

DESIGNER DIARY pt 5: AGENTS IN TIME — UK Game Expo 2017 and Clocks…

We took the original Agents in Time to the UK Games Expo 2017, and returned with great feedback and a game-changing concept for Scoring…

OPINION: Kicking off about Kickstarter again: A new miniatures assembly line?

Another look at all those shiny pretty Kickstarter campaigns that are looking to squeeze every last drop of cash they can out of you…

REVIEW: Century: Golem Edition

Yes, it’s a re-skinned version of the original Century: Spice Road, but it’s sooo pretty…


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