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(P)REVIEW: FlickFleet

FlickFleet is a new dexterity-based space combat game in which you physically flick your ships around the table and flick dice to hit your opponent’s ships. but does it flick all the right boxes for a fun game…?

OPINION: Essen 2018 Preview — My personal picks…

Some pre-Essen ’18 picks from me, this time from an even shorter list than last year…

This is another test…

Just trying to post directly to the Diary section…

PERSONAL DIARY/UPDATE: More ‘August’ Gaming… see what I did there?

Another little snippet of life without any such thing as a fast lane… lol

REVIEW: Century: Eastern Wonders

Does this follow-up to Century: Spice Road hit all the right buttons, or sink under the weight of all that spice…?

PERSONAL DIARY/UPDATE: And July disappeared damn fast, too!

Another month goes whizzing by… Christmas will be here so soon at this rate!

PERSONAL DIARY/UPDATE: Where did June, go?

Oh yes, disaster can indeed strike from anywhere, and seemingly out of nowhere, too… Oh dear!

CONVENTION DIARY: UKGE 2018, Birmingham, UK: 1st-3rd June 2018

UKGE has been and gone for another year, and as it gets bigger and bigger, is that necessarily better?

DESIGNER DIARY pt 5: AGENTS IN TIME — UK Game Expo 2017 and Clocks…

We took the original Agents in Time to the UK Games Expo 2017, and returned with great feedback and a game-changing concept for Scoring…

OPINION: Kicking off about Kickstarter again: A new miniatures assembly line?

Another look at all those shiny pretty Kickstarter campaigns that are looking to squeeze every last drop of cash they can out of you…


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