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(P)REVIEW: FlickFleet

FlickFleet is a new dexterity-based space combat game in which you physically flick your ships around the table and flick dice to hit your opponent’s ships. but does it flick all the right boxes for a fun game…?

REVIEW: Century: Eastern Wonders

Does this follow-up to Century: Spice Road hit all the right buttons, or sink under the weight of all that spice…?

REVIEW: Century: Golem Edition

Yes, it’s a re-skinned version of the original Century: Spice Road, but it’s sooo pretty…

REVIEW: Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn

A considerably easier and more streamlined version of the original classic, but is it any good?

REVIEW: Master of Orion: The Boardgame

When is a boardgame not really a boardgame? When it’s a card-dominated tableaux builder, perhaps…?

OPINION: Top 5 Games I Played in 2017…

A list of the boardgames I really enjoyed playing a lot in 2017 — I hope none of these are likely to disappoint if you get the chance to play them in 2018…

REVIEW: Clans of Caledonia

Currently one of the Euro ‘darlings’ to come out of Spiel ’17 on the back of their successful Kickstarter campaign. Does Clans of Caledonia live up to expectations?

REVIEW: Wasteland Express Delivery Service

A brilliantly themed and challenging game, in which players get to Mad Max their way through a post-apocalyptic wasteland…

REVIEW: Shadowscape and Shadowscape: Deeper Dungeon

A compact, flawed dungeon crawler which packs a lot of game in a tiny (overstuffed) box…

REVIEW: The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire

An excellent introduction to the world of ‘real’ boardgames, with bits of everything for every type of gamer…

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